A Quick Look at Christopher Worley Glenville

A Quick Look at Christopher Worley Glenville

Christopher Worley Glenville

In the United States, there are many popular sports that have huge fan bases in every corner of the country. The number of spectators that go to the stadium would simply represent the popularity of the game in this country. Soccer has to be the number one sports in the world, however this kind of sport is not really popular in the states. If you visit this country in person, it is very easy to see that American Football is most popular sports. The successful players or the star players in this sports can get easily famous and get recognized in every corner of the country. Let us take Christopher Worley Glenville for example. This Ohio State star has what it takes to become a football star and his excellent performance will get him famous in no time at all.

247Sports has included Chris Worley into the big twenty athlete in the country and the top twenty overall prospects in the Ohio State. He is also a very potential prospect with a four-star rate. Before he reached his position today, he had to start his career as a Buckeyes' safety. After that, he managed to wind up at the Ohio State's linebacker. Not only that Chris Worley has come up with five forced fumbles as a senior player, he has also presented five interception returns for touchdowns. In addition to that, Chris Worley had come up with 5 forced fumbles and 9 sacks.

Christopher Worley Glenville arrived at the Ohio State in 2013 and has switched positions since then. He started his Ohio State football career as a safety and a year after that, he became a linebacker for the Buckeyes. If we compare his body since the first time he came to the team, you might easily get the impression that he gained weight pretty fast. Chris Worley has also proven the world that he is a fast learner. It only took less than a year for Christopher Worley Glenville to learn and become a fine linebacker for the team. After his first season in 2013, he managed to come up with his first Varsity O letter. You might be surprised to know that Christopher Worley has a major in Communications.

His Statistics in 2014 Season

As a freshman, Christopher Worley Glenville managed to take part in 14 of 15 games for the College Football Playoff national champions. The first game for him in the 2014 season is when the Buckeyes had to fight against the Navy at the season opener. Not only that he played 52 snaps on defense, Chris Worley has managed to record best five tackles where four of them are solo stops for himself. At the end of the season, he finally sealed his 11 tackles where eight of them are solos. Every time he played for the team this season, he always gave a great contribution.

Christopher Worley Glenville is now listed in the Top 25 senior prospect in Ohio by ESPN. With all his great potentials, many people believe that he will become a football star in the country in the near future.

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