Anything Less than Gold Isn’t Good Enough

Anything Less than Gold Isn’t Good Enough
USA Basketball

Anything Less than Gold Isn’t Good Enough

The United States Olympic Basketball team is on a mission. They are determined to take back Gold in this Olympics after being humiliated in Athens. They are off to a good start after defeating China 101-70.

Who can Challenge the USA?

    China was expected to be a good test for this team and they played the game close in the beginning. It was tight through two quarters and the American players were a bit nervous. They shouldn’t be, this team rivals the 1992 Dream Team in terms of talent. They should easily bring home the Gold.

It’s About America

    It is good to see these international celebrities show some patriotism. The real story is not that they expect to win gold, but that they are determined to bring the prize back to their country. Another part of this story is the support that this team is receiving in China. These basketball players are more than celebrities over there, they are ambassadors for America.

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