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Strahan Goes out on Top

Strahan Goes out on Top

            Michael Strahan took advantage of the perfect timing of a Superbowl upset of the Patriots to declare his retirement from the NY Giants earlier this week. The dominating defensive end played as well as he had when he was younger causing all kinds of trouble for quarterbacks on a defensive that controlled lines of scrimmage all season long.

Did All He Could Do

            Who could ask for a better career in the NFL? Strahan was named to sever pro bowls, has the record for the fifth most sacks in NFL history, and should go to the Hall of Fame as soon as he is eligible.

            Winning the Superbowl sealed the deal for him as he had contemplated retiring over the summer prior to the 2007 season began. He came back to play as well as he ever had in his 15 years in the league. A career the included 216 games all with the Giants. A rare feat these days for a player of his caliber when most move around in free agency for bigger and bigger paychecks.

Something Left in the Tank

            Strahan’s retirement after such a great performance over the course of his final year leads everyone to ask, how much left in the tank does he have? And will he return this year or maybe next year after missing the game? At 36 years old, he is near the end of his career but he did have one year left on his current contract. That last year in New York would have paid him at the least $4 million. And he showed no signs of slowing down this past year starting all but one regular season game and putting up 46 tackles with 9 sacks.

            He will try his hand at broadcasting and hopes to make a new career analyzing games. Often ex-players get a couple of years in the both and never make it long term. But there are the exceptions that last a long time doing color commentary for games on ESPN and possibly Strahan is one that will make it.


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