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Danica Patrick Takes on Star Status

Danica Patrick Takes on Star Status

    There used to be this young woman that drove the NASCAR circuit. She was cute and ran the track alright but she wasn’t going to win the big races or even any small races. Well within the past two weeks, everything has changed. No more GoDaddy beaver commercials, it’s time to compete in every big race.

    Danica Patrick is on the scene and she’s pissed that she’s not winning. That’s a good sign. That kind of fire is going to push her over the top sooner rather than later. She’s small and the weight advantage helps but the fire in the belly got her where she is and she means business. With 60 laps to go this past weekend, she’s screaming at her own pit crew about how slow the car is. Then she gets bumped on the way out of the pits and has to be restrained from going after the other driver.

    Danica won the IndyCar series a week ago and was ready to win the Indianapolis 500. She was disappointed to the point of crying that she got knocked out. That kind of desire is inspiring. Fans are taking notice, falling in love, and routing for the little girl from Wisconsin.


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