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Years Best Promotion for an NFL Fan

Years Best Promotion for an NFL Fan

    According to a radio station in Greater Cincinnati offered to trade Cincinnati Cyclone hockey tickets in for Chad Johnson 85 Bengal jerseys to any fan that showed up at a local sports retail outlet, Koch's Sporting Goods, on Tuesday. The Cincinnati Cyclones are a professional hockey team that won the ECHL North division with a 55-11 record this year.

    WGRR 103.5 called the promotion the '85 Trade Off'. What a great promotion! If any NFL team has a spoiled receiver that wants out of a contract for no apparent reason, local companies should do promotions on a monthly basis to help get them out of town.

    What happens when Johnson shows up at the stadium on a Game Day Sunday to find few to no jerseys with his number in the stands? Maybe he'll wake up that he's paid by the fans, their television dollars, their apparel purchases, and their game ticket purchases. If only the team would stop selling the "ochenta y cinco" jersey this season.

    The donated jerseys from the promotion went to a local charity and fans who took part in the trade were put into a drawing to win a jersey of their choice later in the year.


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