David Durham, Ohio State is a Special Place

David Durham, Ohio State is a Special Place

David Durham 47

David Durham, Ohio State is a Special Place

Speaking with David Durham makes one realize how much he is looking forward to joining the 2010 class at Ohio State and playing for the Scarlet and Grey. He understands the tradition and values the relationship he has developed with both Head Coach Jim Tressel and Linebackers Coach/Co-Defensive Coordinator Luke Fickell.

By Steve Patterson

David Durham is coming a long distance to become a member of the 2010 Ohio State recruiting class but he saw enough other college programs to understand what he wanted in a football coaching staff. “I did enjoy the recruiting process for the most part. Especially after I committed to the Buckeyes.  I was only the fourth commitment in my class and that was something pretty special to have been committed for that long.  Once I verbally committed things were a lot less stressful and I could relax a little bit and focus on other things.” he told us recently. While wrestling for his high school, he visited many campuses. “I visited schools all over the country throughout my high school career. Probably some of the most important visits for me, were those to schools like North Carolina, West Virginia, and Virginia because all of those schools had shown a lot of interest in me and I was very interested in their programs.  During my junior year I also visited Penn State, Alabama, Ole Miss, Texas, Baylor and many others.”

What he liked most about Ohio State was the coaching staff and the relationship he developed with them. “I think the most important thing people look at when they get recruited are the relationships they make with coaches.  I had a very positive relationship with Coach Tressel and Coach Fickell.  I know that Coach Tressel isn't going to be leaving Ohio State any time soon.  I like that they have a big emphasis on developing us as people as well as football players.  I also wanted to be a part of a successful program with a strong defense.  Ohio State obviously gets a check mark on both of those.  I wanted to be at a school with strong academics, that I could get a respectable degree from.  Everything else is just icing on the cake.  Ohio State is a special place and I look forward to being a part of it.”

He also likes the tradition and the consistently strong defensive the Buckeyes put on the field. “The thing I like most about Ohio State football is the tradition that goes along with it.  Ohio State is respected as one of the greatest football programs of all time.  So many unbelievable players have played in the horseshoe.  The people in Ohio take buckeye football very seriously. Success has become a tradition at The Ohio State University and I look forward to being a part of that success in years to come.”

Although Durham was a very good high school wrestler he will not have time when he arrives in Columbus, he reported to us. “No, wrestling has become kind of a year round sport in college.  I don't know if anyone has ever wrestled and participated in other sports in college, mainly because you have maintain a certain weight, which is difficult when you are playing football.  So unfortunately, it looks like my wresting career is coming to a close.”

He plans to enroll over the summer to get a jump on classes and football. “I will enroll in the summer.  I believe June, 21, is the date  when most of the guys in my class will enroll.  We will just be working out with the team, attending a few classes, and getting ready for camp to start.”

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