The Irish and the Army?

The Irish and the Army?

The Irish and the Army?

Notre Dame and the Army college team have started talking about a 2010 meeting at the new Yankee Stadium, sources say, over which head coach Charlie Weis will capably preside.

By Amelia Cypert

Notre Dame’s head coach Charlie Weis, an alumnus of the Fighting Irish himself, begins the coming season with a stellar record behind him. He has spent fifteen years in the NHL himself, and this coach knows what it takes to win at any level. He brings the experience of four Super Bowl championships to his coaching, and since obtaining the position of head coach in 2005, Weis has already led the Irish to two consecutive bowl appearances for the first time in the team’s history, and he has been the force behind two record-setting seasons for Notre Dame.

In the 2010 season, Weis will be part of yet another history-making event, when Notre and the Army square off at Yankee Stadium. This will be the first such game since the legendary Kute Rockne's "Win One for the Gipper" speach over 80 years ago, their forum will be the new Yankee Stadium. According to an anonymous source, the two teams will meet across the street from where they have played over 20 times-- but the official announcement is not until next week. Plans may change in that time.

Former wide receiver for the Irish, Chicago Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija remarked, “I think it’d be cool. But the way that park’s playing, I don’t know if it can hold a 100-yard football field," he said.

Another source speaking on the condition of anonymity told the AP that Rutgers or Syracuse might be involved in a more than $1 billion deal to play at a different basefall field as well.

Notre Dame senior associate athletic director John Heisler confirmed the tentativeness of these plans.

“We’ve been talking about playing Army in some way, shape or form, but we just haven’t nailed down all the details. Now we’re trying to figure out where does Yankee Stadium fit in terms of opponents, years, when and how."

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