College Scouting: Why isn’t it On TV?

College Scouting: Why isn’t it On TV?

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College Scouting: Why isn’t it On TV?

In a world where reality TV seems to dominate our schedules, the question arises as to why college scouting doesn’t have its own show. After all, high school football is definitely a subject of interest for a variety of demographics. When there are reality television shows that follow the lives of people who are only famous for being famous, it really goes to show that a new topic of reality should be aired.

It has been proven time and time again that topics that revolve around high school and high school aged kids are of interest to many people. It has also been proven time and time again that millions upon millions of people watch football on a regular basis. Any DISH Network programming package comes with options to watch football which is why the idea of a reality show for high school football scouting for colleges makes so much sense.

Enough with the dating reality shows. How about something that gives a lot of what the public really want: high school football scouting. Even blockbuster movies have experienced quite a bit of success by showing motivating stories about athletes that have overcome the odds. Classic hits like “Hoosiers” and “Remember the Titans” have sold well and entertained the masses. The reason for this is simply because it combines high school aged students and athletics. That is and has been something that anyone would enjoy.

Even a documentary TV show would find itself with successful ratings. This provides the opportunity for careful screening to ensure that the stories followed were ones that people would really be interested in. It would also provide some incredibly interesting insight into the world of high school scouting for college football and other types of athletics. 

Parents and teens alike are absolutely fascinated with the process of college scouting. How do the coaches make the decisions? How do the athletes negotiate terms? Who makes first contact, etc? Each of these facts can and should be explored and shared through a DISH Network documentary or reality television program. Maybe if there was some decent reality TV shows about college scouting, there would be something entertaining to watch in between the playoffs.

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