Dr. Phillips RB Dee Hart

Dr. Phillips RB Dee Hart

Dee Hart Michigan Wolverines

Dr. Phillips RB Dee Hart

It has been a long road full of twists and turns for Senior RB, Dee Hart. Having to choose the right college when everyone wants you is harder than it looks. Claiming more than 3000 offensive yards in his last two seasons, the highly sought after Dr. Phillips High running back already has over 30 offers. He has not let the complicated process slow him down. Its the nature of the business and he has stayed positive despite bumps along the way.

Dr Philips High School Running Back Dee Hart Highlight

By Steve Patterson

After traveling around the country Hart settled on his three top choices. Although undecided before as to where he will play ball he had narrowed the list down to Alabama, Auburn or Michigan. Then just a few weeks ago the standout senior RB dropped the Auburn tigers from his list of choices. When questioned as to this decision Hart said that it was due to a misunderstanding in believing that the Tigers had already recruited two other running backs. It appears that Hart had received this bit of misinformation from someone claiming to be a talent reporter from another college.

The false information seemed genuine enough that Hart had dropped Auburn and then announced that his options would now be Alabama or Michigan. It turns out that Auburn had definitely not made any other running back commitments with other players. After being notified of the mistake and meeting with the Tigers coach Chizik, Hart has put Auburn back on the list. He told the press that even though the rogue reporter seemed legitimate he has no idea who the man was. Even though he cant remember the man's name he is still glad the whole situation got cleared up. And so now all that is left to determine is how the different schools would plan to use him as their all-purpose RB and if that fits his plan.

Hart has commented on the fact that to him the offensive setup doesn't matter as much as the spread. And even more importantly it is about exactly where the school is planning to use him. He went on to say that after weeks of e-mails and calls that the hype "don't bother me". Hart counts the high level of interest "as a blessing". We can be sure that no matter what school Dee Hart chooses that this star RB has a bright future ahead of him.

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